ABOUT shiftexpress

“There has to be a better way”… that one simple thought led to the creation of Symmetry; and shiftexpress. We started with the simple idea that there has to be a better way for hospitals and healthcare facilities to manage and optimize their use of temporary staff. A way that would bring efficiency to the process, help control costs, reduce open shifts, and ultimately ensure quality and patient safety.

Today, Symmetry serves more than 445 healthcare clients across the U.S. with simple, easy-to-use workforce solutions. Although simple, our solutions use the most advanced technologies available and are designed to be flexible, intuitive and responsive. This important design concept allows us to adjust and enhance our solutions so that we stay on top of industry trends and client needs and deliver solutions that meet the ever changing needs of the healthcare clients we serve.

At Symmetry, we value our client relationships and believe our commitment to client care is as important as the products and services we stand behind. Every member of the Symmetry team is focused daily on ensuring that we provide the best client experience possible.

In the end, it’s all about being a good partner, bringing balance and stability to a process, and helping our clients achieve their goals; “and we call that Symmetry”.

Guy P. Evans
President and CEO